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We find a needle in a haystack for companies and organisations within renewable energy, textile and tourism sectors!


Big Data, Business Intelligence : Renewable Energy, Textile, Tourism sectors

By type, country, region, year

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We provide unique learning experiences.



The Betterknowledge4all Academy integrates data, information and knowledge in highly interactive processes, supported by state-of-the-art technology.




Nowadays there are a lot of platforms, many ot them powered by Artificial Intelligence like Phoenix (working in progress, launch of our platform next January - 2023) that offer millions of data and industry reports,


However, to get more value = the services/products are more expensive, not focused to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to accelerate its growth, considering real and specific need and expectations and, more important,  an affordable price.


Phoenix Platform detects unknown opportunities for the industry, that other search algorithms typically are not able to find because we work with its sustainable growth, more than 16 years, modelling how to connect several knowledge fields to get the best results and impact in a given sector, context, country or region.


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