In the last years we worked intensively promoting, implementing and evaluating eLearning projects, and we realized that there is no single initiative that achieved the same results everywhere (as school systems differ in many factors, as well as in the availability and quality of materials and technologies). 
And, although in some cases we have identified initiatives with very interesting impacts (in different contexts), we think that technological development has not had yet a significant impact on a substantial improvement, of processes and results, in the educational field.
However, understanding how technology is used given specific local contexts and needs, and which specific goals were achieved or not, are important firts steps to go forward in the process of achieving progress in this field.
We have reached the stage of actually creating valuable knowledge resources, the web continues to evolve and the state of the art of Artificial Intelligence, and this gives us the confidence to continue creating but under a new framework of development. 
If our vision, planning and action are right, we believe we can achieve results like:

»    To offer individualized learning experiences perfectly adapted to the learner´s profiles 
»    Learning processes developed under their own learning patterns
»    That we, the learners, but all those who participate in these learning processes, collect data and useful information for a continuous automated improvement.
»    To build unique resources for knowledge sharing on relevant contents to promote Sustainability (focused on speecific Sustainable Development Goals).
Two so important questions that we work continously are: What kind of knowledge is worth the effort to share? and, How will we ensure that this shared knowledge effectively promotes the achievement of concrete goals for Sustainability?