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BetterKnowledge4all is a Knowledge Hub (based on technology, innovation and networking) working in Sustainability, Green Chemistry and Environmental Technologies, using information and knowledge management platforms powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

Our information management Invictus platform and knowledge sharing Phoenix platform create unique bridges and combinations in order to strenghten Sustainability Value Chain globally. 

Invictus Platform - Market Information Management  / Big Data

It allows us to identify and deliver all relevant information to increase sales of your products and to identify markets for new products that you could develop from existing products or waste, as long as they are clearly oriented to the sustainable service/product chain.

Phoenix Platform (eLearning, competency-based model) powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our Capacity Building platform (eLearning, competency-based model) is adapted to the individual needs of users, is powered by artificial intelligence, facilitates the practical application of technical knowledge and offers different alternatives, depending on the problems to be solved.


BetterKnowledge4all Project

Barcelona - Spain